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Cuốn sách “1000 + câu trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 6 Global Success” (Có đáp án) được biên soạn theo nội dung của cuốn sách giáo khoa lớp 6 Global Success, sách cung cấp cho học sinh các dạng bài tập trắc nghiệm theo các đơn vị học bài, giúp các em vận dụng kiến thức trên lớp và làm quen với các dạng bài tập, kèm theo sách là đáp án, nhằm hỗ trợ các em tham khảo, tìm ra các lỗi sai và học thêm từ vựng, đồng thời củng cố thêm các kiến thức, cấu trúc về ngữ pháp, từ đó giúp các em đạt điểm cao trong các kì thi và các bài kiểm tra học kỳ. UNIT 1: MY NEW SCHOOL Phonetics and Speaking Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined. Question 1. A. study B. rubber C. subject D. calculator Question 2. A. calculator B. fast C. classmate D. father Question 3. A. school B. teaching C. chess D. watch Question 4. A. park B. sharpener C. star D. grammar Question 5. A. compass B. homework C. someone D. wonderful Question 6. A. post office B. rose C. notebook D. compass Question 7. A. chemistry B. watch C. school D. schedule Question 8. A. puppy B. study C. umbrella D. judo Question 9. A. check B. schoolbag C. chalk D. chess Question 10. A. ruler B. rubber C. lucky D. funny Question 11. A. lunch B. music C. student D. uniform Question 12. A. compass B. schoolbag C. calculator D. bad Question 13. A. park B. wonderful C. star D. sharpener Question 14. A. music B. study C. calculator D. uniform Question 15. A. schedule B. chemistry C. school D. chalk Vocabulary and Grammar Choose the letter A, B, C or D to complete the sentences Question 1. I _____________ English lessons on Tuesday and Friday every week. A. have B. is having C. has D. had Question 2. Alex usually ____________ his homework at 8 p.m. A. finish B. finishing C. finished D. finishes Question 3. We _________ to the judo club twice a month. A. go B. have C. make D. take Question 4. – What do you do in your free time? – I always ________ books in my free time. A. is reading B. to read C. reads D. read Question 5. We _____ new subjects for this school year. A. have B. has C. having D. had Question 6. Listen! The teacher __________ the lesson to us. A. explain B. is explaining C. explains D. to explain Question 7. You should _________ physical exercise regularly. A. have B. talk C. play D. do Question 8. I often spend the weekend ___________ badminton with my elder brother. A. playing B. doing C. studying D. having Question 9. Do you often _________ team games during the break? A. play B. do C. have D. make Question 10. The students at my school can ______ quietly in the library in the afternoon. A. do B. have C. study D. play Question 11. We don’t usually _______ homework on Saturday. A. do B. have C. study D. play Question 12. Duy ______ to school every day. A. cycling B. cycles C. is cycling D. cycle Question 13. There ____________ two pencils on the desk. A. are B. is C. was D. being Question 14. ____________ Bobby often ____________ physics experiment after school? A. Does/ do B. Is/ do C. Does/ doing D. Is/ does Question 15. My new school ______ in the centre of the village. A. not B. isn’t C. don’t D. doesn’t Reading Task 1. Choose the letter A, B, C or D to complete the passage below Johnson __________ (1) a student. He’s 12 years old. He studies __________ (2) Ba Dinh secondary school on Hoang Hoa Tham Street. He usually __________ (3) home for school __________ (4) 6.30 a.m. He lives __________ (5) near the school, _________ (6) he usually walks to school with some of his friends. But today his father ___________ (7) him to school. He loves Literature and English. Today he has Physics, Chemistry and English. __________ (8) school, he often plays volleyball in the school field. Question 1. A. is B. be C. am D. are Question 2. A. from B. in C. at D. on Question 3. A. leave B. left C. is leaving D. leaves Question 4. A. at B. for C. on D. to Question 5. A. also B. quite C. much D. well Question 6. A. yet B. for C. so D. but Question 7. A. is driving B. drives C. driving D. drive Question 8. A. When B. After C. During D. Before

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